How to use and clean copper


  • before using the saucepan for the first time, it is advisable to boil some water in it with vegetables or aromatic herbs;
  • place some liquid or fat in the saucepan before heating;
  • never heat it empty or leave it on other sources of heat;
  • use wooden or nylon spoons and ladles to prevent damage to the interior coating;
  • always use a low heat setting;
  • do not wash in a dishwasher;
  • do not clean with abrasive products;
  • clean the interior with hot water and liquid detergent;
  • if any food sticks to the bottom, leave to soak in hot water and detergent;
  • the outside can be polished with a specific product for copper, or a preparation of coarse salt, maize flour, and vinegar or lemon juice;
  • stains on the surface do not affect hygiene or performance.