Of the various metals used to make cooking utensils, copper has the best thermal conductivity - 392 W/m°C. It heats almost instantaneously, allowing perfect control of both slow and rapid cooking methods.
Using a copper saucepan, provided it is thick enough, means the food is cooked evenly and correctly, preserving the original taste and nutrients.
When a copper saucepan is removed from the heat, it remains hot for longer, to the advantage of the taste and fragrance of the food inside.


Tin-plating protects the food as it is cooking and increases the copper’s corrosion resistance. How long it lasts depends on how often the implement is used and how well it is maintained and cleaned.
Items made by Ram Art are tin-plated, and retinned if necessary, by hand over a flame using 100% pure tin, to guarantee the exact thickness of the coating as well as total hygiene and durability.