RamArt has created tinned copper saucepans for professional use for three decades, using traditional materials and production methods in combination with an attractive, functional design.
Each item is handcrafted by italian experts, who create their works with passion and skill, using pure raw materials, copper and tin, where tradition and art come together to generate a range of sturdy, refined saucepans of superior quality.

All the saucepans are at least 2 mm thick and can be used to cook in a healthy, professional manner. The exclusive double hot tin-plating, which is done by hand, guarantees a product that will last for ever.
Thanks to RamArt’s very affordable retinning service, these saucepans can be used by generation after generation.

RamArt’s vast collection meets the needs of both housewives and professional chefs. The design of the various models is based on regional traditions, and a full range of sizes is provided so that any recipe or cooking method can be used.

A superb expression of italian style, each article by RamArt enables you to rediscover tastes from bygone times, due to the superior-quality materials and perfect handcrafting, achieving both functional and aesthetic excellence.

RamArt. Copper as you’ve never seen it before.

RamArt è fornitore ufficiale di pentole in rame al padiglione Italia, Le Cupole di Copagri, per Expo 2015.

Production Process

The copper disk 2 mm thick is placed under a press which gives the first form in what will become a prestigious RamArt pot. The process of turning smooth edges makes our "container" to be handled safetly in the kitchen. Brass handles, which give elegance to the pot, are riveted to ensure eternal duration in time.

Each pot RamArt is marked and numbered on the bottom pan in order to make it unique. Skilled and experienced hands continue production process with tin. RamArt pots tinned not once, but twice, to ensure perfect homogeneity of the inner surface. The next step is that of polishing: the pot is ready to shine in your kitchen.

The final step is customisation on request: the pots can be hand-engraved with your name.